Hurricane Irene moved through our area on August 28 with tremendous force and torrential rains. The Natural Roots CSA field along the South River was completely flooded and suffered major crop loss. The farm ford crossing to access the land across the river was also badly damaged. Fortunately the suspension bridge was spared.

The South River floods after the heavy rains from Irene

South River Miso buildings, the farm buildings and equipment, the residential buildings are all well above the flood plain and sustained no damage. The draft horses and other livestock are all safe and sound. We did not lose electrical power during the storm and no one was harmed.

Natural Roots was able to harvest some of the crops before the storm. CSA members have been volunteering to help remove debris and salvage what was left in the fields. Restoration of the ford crossing is in progress, set back by another high water surge on Sept 5, which eroded original repairs.

To the many, many people adversely affected by Irene, we send our best wishes for resilience, restoration, and regeneration.

Solar Array

We are very excited to be working with Northeast Solar Design Associates of Hatfield, Massachusetts, to install a multi-pole solar array to meet most of the electrical needs for South River Miso Company. The photovoltaic panels will stand along the back edge of a field above the South River just north of the miso buildings. This spot has excellent solar exposure. We hope to be solar powered by the end of October!

Growing rice in New England

South River Miso co-founder, Christian Elwell, has been growing small plots of rice here for thirty years. In the past three summers he has created a circular rice-paddy right in back of the production room overlooking the South River. At least three species of frogs have moved in, along with numerous other water-loving creatures. The gray tree frogs now thrill the air with their exotic calls in June.

Left: The South River rice paddy in early April / Right: The rice paddy, full grown in August

The rice crop has flourished this summer and will be harvested in mid September. The yield last year was over 100 pounds from the 36 foot diameter paddy. That’s equivalent to over 4000 pounds per acre! The rice is for use mostly by family and friends. You can see more photos on Facebook and watch Youtube videos of last year’s harvest and this year’s spring planting.

Our Website!

In Fall of 2011 we completely revamped and updated our web site! Enjoy the additional pictures, slide shows and videos by exploring the links below.

The web renovation was a family project: designed and produced by our son, Isaiah, with organizational and editorial assistance from our daughter, Anni Hanna, and writing done by Christian and Gaella Elwell. Robin Cole and Deb Duchin have polished up the final proofs. Thanks to everyone for the great team effort!


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