Glorious Greens

Serves 2 - 4


1 quart chopped kale, bok choy, mustard or other leafy greens
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon light miso and 2 tablespoons water
or 2 teaspoons South River Miso Tamari
1-2 teaspoons cider vinegar (optional)
1 tablespoon roasted and ground sesame seeds (optional)


Heat oil in heavy skillet or wok. Add greens. Stir occasionally on medium heat 3-5 min. Add miso mixed with water or miso tamari. Add vinegar, stir well and serve. Sprinkle sesame seeds over greens to add calcium and contrasting color.
Note: Cook strong tasting greens without a lid for milder flavor and bright green color.

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