Cooking for Life with South River Miso

Food is the vessel of Life.
Because Life is another name for God,
Food could be called "the vessel of God."
If you truly respect and revere the Spirit
Then shouldn't the first thing you do
Be to build a shrine within your own body?

Eiwan Ishida
Genmai, (Tokyo: Japan Pub. 1989)

Drawing by Gaella Elwell

All of the recipes from South River Miso's The Little Book of Miso, are included in this section. Printed copies of this 26 page booklet are available for $2.00 (click here to order), or you can download an acrobat reader version.

Miso is as versatile in summer cooking as it is for winter meals. Although we recommend particular types and quantities of miso in our recipes, feel free to substitute other varieties. One teaspoon of a dark miso is roughly equivalent in salt content to 11/2 to 2 teaspoons of a light variety. We hope you enjoy this wonderful healing food!

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