Organic Certification

South River Miso Company is certified as an organic processor by an independent third party, Baystate Organic Certifiers. This certifier verifies that our company meets or exceeds the standards of the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (USDA NOP) by regular and rigorous on site inspection.

South River Miso Company has been certified organic since 1996. However, we have never used anything but organic ingredients since our original founding in 1979.

Each certified organic product is given a lot number through which the constituent ingredients can be traced back to the farm from which it originated. (This lot number is printed on a white sticker found either on the bottom of each glass jar or on the side of each bulk container.)

Certified Organic standards require participating farmers to abstain from the application of prohibited materials, including synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for 3 years prior to their certification and throughout the certification period. Organic farmers employ positive soil building and other practices as part of a growing movement towards a more sustainable future in harmony with Nature. Genetically modified organisms and irradiation are strictly prohibited from organic certified products.

In addition to the tremendous personal and environmental health benefits of organic foods, people choose organic foods as a way of supporting a more desirable future for humanity.

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