• Love Letters

    Dear Friends,

    We keep on making miso as you continue to support us. We are truly grateful for every order and for every communication we receive from you, our customers. When you send us letters or emails of appreciation, we post them on our bulletin board where everyone working here can read them. It helps to have cheerleaders. Your support brings meaning and purpose to our work.

    Over the years we have received so many letters of warm support. We call them love letters. We will share a few of them with you here.

    May the circle be unbroken,

    From all of us at South River

  • I’m a very pleased customer. I have been eating miso for 30 years or more and I just have stumbled upon yours and it’s far and away the best around. Just great. As good as any and better than most, even what I had in Japan. …I just want to particularly thank you for this extraordinary product. I’ve mentioned it to many of my friends now, and no one’s disappointed.

    - Dr. Larry R., Cambridge, MA

  • I continue to be so grateful for the effort put forth to produce this incredible miso. I have been eating South River Miso since the early 80's and now my grandchildren are enjoying it. Honestly I can't imagine our lives without it. We are so spoiled. Please thank everyone involved from [our] family…

    - Marylin H., Santa Cruz, CA.

  • Thank you for the most beautiful, delicious Miso in the world !!! ...and please thank your whole crew there, for making such a pure, beautiful, delicious food.

    - Catherine W., California

  • Just recently I had the opportunity to taste a miso soup made from your Garlic Red Pepper Miso, and I must say, it was the most fulfilling experience. I could feel my body cleanse and each and every blood vessel come alive! Perhaps I was imagining this, but it was truly a wonderful miso soup...

    Thank you so very much,

    - Kirti - Arlington, Massachusetts

  • I just wanted to let you know that I love your miso. Being a native of Japan, I am particular about miso. I used to use organic kurodaizu miso, which has a nice deep flavor.

    I moved to the US several years ago and pretty soon I found myself out of the miso I brought from home. Fortunately there is a Whole Foods store in my neighborhood, where I spotted South River Miso.

    To be honest, I was a little reluctant to try miso made in the US (no offense, but I know enough questionable food that goes by 'Japanese' here...). After tasting it I was pleasantly surprised and very much impressed.

    Your miso is one of the best I have ever tasted. I always keep Three Year Barley and Sweet White miso in my refrigerator.

    Thank you so much for making such wonderful miso.

    - Yoko, New Orleans, LA

  • ...I swear to all the gods of Yin and Yang, to George Ohsawa’s memory, to the spirits of the Native Americans who lived here before us, and to the Rice Spirit that looks over us that the miso soup I had this morning was SINGING. It was half way between a buzz and a hum, with a little bit of a crackle for some harmony. I swirled it around for a few seconds thinking maybe that it was some freak temporary phenomenon, and it kept singing! Eventually I drank it and... well... maybe it kept singing inside my stomach.

    -R.C., Boston, MA

  • Upon receiving my miso today I could liken it to nothing other than pulling… gold from a safe. It truly is worth its weight in gold! Thank you for the integrity of what you do. It is felt through and through.

    A happy customer,

    - C. D., Ohio

  • I lived in Japan and have been eating Miso for nearly all my 36 years of life. I was just introduced to your Miso at a store in Utica, MI and I am so happy – your Miso is the BEST I have ever had! Thank you!

    - Brian, Ohio

  • I just wanted to write to thank you for the miso and other products that you make. I got diagnosed with a serious health problem this year. For this reason, I have had to take months of medications that have some gastrointestinal side effects. From our travel in Japan, my husband and I were familiar with naturally fermented miso. We were so happy to find your product in Massachusetts. Each day, I have multiple servings of your naturally fermented products and it has really helped me tolerate my medications…

    - Kathy, Brookline, Massachusetts

  • Dear South River Miso,

    …thanks for preserving some of the wonder of cre­ation for us in your miso. It is an oasis in a world gone mad with materialism and profit. It is so nice to see a business able to thrive by doing what is right to do, by using quality methods and materials. May it continue for the benefit of all!

    - M. M., Davenport, WA

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