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Miso Tamari - Chickpea

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In Japanese, Tamari means "little puddle" and refers to the savory liquid that collects in a vat of miso. Our genuine Tamari is similar to its cousin, soy sauce, but much sweeter and lighter in taste. Friends who buy directly from our shop come back year after year, declaring that there is no seasoning comparable to South River Miso Tamari.

Gathered from the vats of Chickpea Miso, our Tamari is made from deep well water, organic brown rice, organic chickpeas, sun-dried sea salt, organic sea vegetables, and koji culture. Aged in wood for a minimum of 3 months.
- No gluten or soy ingredients.

PLEASE NOTE: To prevent leakage and damage we ship our unpasteurized miso tamari in plastic jugs which are intended for shipping purposes only.  We recommend that you transfer the tamari into an appropriate, clean glass container upon arrival.

Love Letters:
We got our tamari and it is amazing!
- J. D., Natural Epicurean School of Cooking, Austin, TX

It’s the best tamari I've ever tasted and the miso is probably the best in the world –truly crème de la crème.
- J. S., Cocoa, FL
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