June 16th, 2020

Nourishing Life for the Human Spirit

Greetings to all our Customers, Friends and Community,

‘Nourishing Life for the Human Spirit’ is a guiding principle that informs how we as individuals and how we as a company want to be in the world. We send this message out on the safety-seal of every jar of South River Miso.

The death of George Floyd, the worldwide protests, and events of the last few weeks have caused us all to look inward and seek meaningful ways to contribute to lasting, positive change. We at South River Miso Company stand together in firm solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and all communities of color.

To our customers and community we say loudly - Black Lives Matter! At this pivotal moment, we add our voice to the multitude of voices calling out for compassionate structural reform, social justice and transformation, so that we may become a culture that nourishes life rather than takes it.

We believe our expressions of solidarity must be grounded in self-responsibility for the choices we make at every level of our interwoven being. We each have a responsibility to listen and learn from one another while acting out of our shared humanity. This individual work is the necessary foundation for the collective work of dismantling white supremacy, racism, and oppression of any kind.

At South River we are committed to learning and growing within our community to further this work. We are also donating to the following organizations to further their good work and leadership in bringing about much needed changes related to food and agriculture for communities of color. We invite you all to donate to these organizations or those of your choosing as well.

Soul Fire Farm
Black Food Justice

How would we live if we remembered that we belong to one another? May we each find our own voice and calling in this ripe time of possibility and transformation. We are wishing you good health, strength, and peace from all of us at South River Miso.

PLEASE NOTE: As a reminder, we do not ship miso during the summer season. Please visit our store to find out when our shipping season re-opens for your area.
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