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Friends gather for a meditation around our rice paddy. Photo by Gaella Elwell

Morning Miso Immune Booster

Here’s a recipe poem for making your own miso medicine, a morning routine for challenging times, from our co-founder Christian Elwell.

Every morning

I mix some freshly grated ginger,

a fresh-pressed clove of garlic,

half a teaspoon of spirulina,

and a heaping teaspoon of two varieties of miso, one light, one dark,

all together into a glossy green paste

in my favorite zen bowl.

I then add water soon after it has come to a boil

and simply stir. Voila!

Instant immune-strengthening, fortifying broth,

fire-building, cold-quelling,

appetite awakening, blood-building,

spring-cleaning, life-giving,

probiotic plant medicine.

Good to go!

Life is short, and Life is long.

It is good to be at home

where the heart is.

Take care of each other, and be well!

(You can adjust this basic recipe or amend it with other ingredients as needed.)

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