• South River Farm

    South River Miso Company is located at South River Farm, in Conway, Massachusetts, nestled in a little valley in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. The South River flows north right through our property and three miles downstream joins the Deerfield River which, in several miles more, flows into the great Connecticut River, the Nile of New England. The regional watershed, of which we are a part, is called the Pioneer Valley, with the five college area of Amherst and Northampton as our cultural center, about 20 miles south. It is truly a blessed place to live and work.

  • Natural Roots

    South River Farm is also home to Natural Roots , a thriving CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) under the direction and management of David and Anna Maclay Fisher who live on the farm with their young family and several interns. They do all the farm work with draft horses. www.naturalroots.com

  • Natural Roots

    Vegetable shed on CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick up day.

  • Natural Roots

    Horses bringing in the hay.

  • South River Miso Company

    A view from the fields across the river.

  • The bridge across the South River


  • The South River

    Emerald waters at the swimming hole.

  • The South River

    Another view.

  • Irene floods the South River

    The flood of August 28, 2011: Two posts of the suspension bridge stand at center left.

  • Irene floods the South River

    The flood of August 28, 2011: View from the miso shop.

  • Jizo shrine blessing the South River

    Stone Jizo sculpture by Thomas Matsuda of Conway www.tmatsuda.com

  • Growing Rice in New England

    Co-founder, Christian Elwell, has been growing rice in small experimental plots in Conway for about thirty years and may be the first person to grow rice in New England. Just behind the miso shop and overlooking the South River he made a rice paddy in 2008. It is about 35 feet in diameter. Last year the yield was over 100 pounds of rice, equivalent to over 4000 pounds per acre!

    Christian first received seed from Cornell University in 1981 and has been saving seed year to year of the same variety ever since. He is indebted to Takeshi and Linda Akaogi of Westminster West, Vermont, for their friendship and inspiration in creating this paddy.

    For more info visit www.ricenortheasternus.org
    For a full slide show of growing rice from seed to harvest, visit our Facebook page

  • Transplanting in late May


  • Transplanting close-up


  • Rice paddy in mid June


  • Our friend, the Grey Tree Frog

    An adult grey tree frog sunning by the rice paddy.

  • Baby Grey Tree Frogs

    Juvenile tree frogs emerge from tadpole stage in the rice paddy and rest on the leaves of the rice plants before heading out into the larger world. As the tadpoles emerge into frogs, so do the rice plants emerge into flower.

  • The Rice Ponds

    Two small ponds feed the rice paddy with fresh water

  • The green frog and the water lily

    They share the holding pond which warms the water feeding the rice paddy.

  • Rice Paddy Mid July

    In the distance, a four horse team working the fields across the river.

  • Rice Paddy Early August


  • Mid September, harvest time


  • South River Farm in the winter


  • Miso making time in the winter


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